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Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep, but did you know that 70% of adults sleep less than seven hours? According to Rebecca S. Robbins, Harvard Ph.D., “Sleep organizes new information, leads to creative thinking, solidifies memories, regulates appetite, and keeps the body healthy.” 

Westin Hotels conducted a study asking both leisure and business travelers equally to describe what most contributes to unsatisfactory sleep. The responses were as follows:

  1. Uncomfortable Bed Linens
  2. Uncomfortable Pillows
  3. Sound of Air-conditioner
  4. Outside noise

Tips to ensure better B&B guest sleep satisfaction 

Beds and Linens: Upgrade to ergonomic bed mattresses, quality linens, and hypoallergenic pillows with varying firmness.   

Lighting: Increase natural daylight in rooms and supplement with bright artificial light illumination. Measure and modify lighting intensity, color temperature, and timing. Install black-out curtains or shades. Utilize wall and textile colors to inspire calm and cheer. 

Temperature: Guests should have the ability to control ambient temperature. Comfortable ambient temperature varies by age and gender.

Sound (auditory environment): HVAC (cooling, heating, and ventilation) should be as quiet as possible. Relaxing sounds or music should be encouraged in public and private rooms in the evening. Consider providing white-noise machines in guest rooms. Install adequate insulation in walls and be mindful of soundproofing other surfaces. Adjust activity (whether guest or business) to enhance better sleep satisfaction.

Features of the room: Quality of sound, light, and aroma all directly affect guest satisfaction. There is a direct relationship between Wellness and Performance. Familiar, home-like surroundings, sounds, and wellness features in controlling the environment, such as air quality and aromatherapy, make a difference in guest satisfaction and ADR.

As property owners and managers, it’s in the best interest of our businesses to ensure that our traveling guests have the most comfortable night of sleep possible while they are away from the comforts of their own homes. Small changes and upgrades in guest rooms, such as bed linens, room lighting, temperature control, and sound quality all make an impressive impact on a guest’s experience and ultimate satisfaction.

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