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Biggest Mistakes When Buying a Bed and Breakfast – Part II

If you’ve read Part I of this series, we look forward to sharing additional curated knowledge from industry experts on how to buy a business and operate it as a successful B&B, inn, boutique hotel, or other unique lodging property. If you missed Part I, take a step back, and read Biggest Mistakes When Buying a Bed and Breakfast - [...]

Sleep Satisfaction, Guest Satisfaction

Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep, but did you know that 70% of adults sleep less than seven hours? According to Rebecca S. Robbins, Harvard PhD, “Sleep organizes new information, leads to creative thinking, solidifies memories, regulates appetite, and keeps the body healthy.”  Westin Hotels conducted a study asking both leisure and business travelers equally to describe what [...]

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur in the Lodging Industry

By: Linda Hayes, ijk Partners So, what is an Entrepreneur? Let’s first define this person! A successful entrepreneur takes a basic concept and puts their twist on it to create a sought-after product or experience. They are creative, "out of the box" thinkers who thrive on exceeding the expectations of their audience. They seek qualitative knowledge from their audience and then [...]

3 Tips for Running a Bed and Breakfast Guests will Rave About

By: Linda Hayes, ijk Partners Are you looking for ways to improve your bed and breakfast business? Are you possibly planning to buy a B&B of your own? While all aspects of running a bed and breakfast will be of interest to you, here are three must-dos! The words OTA* and Book Direct are a familiar part of running a [...]

How Should B&B Inn Owners Approach Their Finances?

Is This Your Team?   Banks, buyers, and B&B owners need the same thing: complete and accurate financial information. No one can accept “Dazed & Confused” profit and loss statements and tax returns. The importance of this can’t be overemphasized. As my colleague Scott Bushnell once said: “Building buyer-seller or lender-owner trust is critical. So how is it done? Like a [...]