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Running a Restaurant Business – Are You Ready To Jump in the Game or Head for a Time Out?

We recently interview Richard Blum on The Inner Circle, an expert restaurant consultant with over 20 years of experience in hospitality. We asked him for general advice on buying an inn with a restaurant or food service of any kind. Keeping reading for his top tips on running a restaurant, great advice whether you are in the market to buy [...]


So You Want to Sell Your Inn? Marketing Action Steps To Take Now

Have you been considering selling your inn, bed and breakfast or boutique hotel? What are the critical steps you need to consider before listing? Let’s start planning your exit strategy keeping in mind these keen insights from White Stone Marketing's lead consultant, Kelly Garbarino. When to Start The Process of Selling Three years is the magical timeline according to Garbarino. [...]


What are the 3 Most Important Tips to Sell a Bed and Breakfast?

Operations expert, Linda Hayes, knows a thing or two about selling a business - particularly in the hospitality arena. Having owned a luxury inn as well as a successful restaurant, Linda graciously spent her time today going over her top 3 considerations for selling an inn business. Mental Preparation for Selling a Bed and Breakfast First and foremost, you have [...]


Why Professional Photography Matters for Your New Property

In a recent session on The Inner Circle, we spoke with expert hospitality photographers, Christian Giannelli and Beth Campbell, who collectively have over 30 years of experience capturing hotel lifestyle shots. They shared their insights for those on limited budgets, how to capture your property in each season and what to expect when you’ve finally chosen a boutique hotel photographer. [...]


So You Want to Buy a Bed and Breakfast?

E Scot Fuller-Beatty and Laura McDowell of The Bold Collaboration worked side by side for many years learning the art of hospitality running a 5-room Bed and Breakfast in Portland, Maine. They recently joined us on The Inner Circle, our exclusive community platform for aspiring and current inn owners, to share some of the secrets to their success after buying [...]


Yes! You Can Get a Business Loan to Buy a Bed and Breakfast!

In a recent session on The Inner Circle, our exclusive hospitality buyer's and seller's platform, we spoke with experienced SBA Loan Officer, Ben Maffett, on how to buy a bed and breakfast, inn or boutique hotel in the current economic climate of Summer 2022. Great Opportunities Still Exist To Acquire Funding Ben pointed out that rates are going up significantly [...]

Why Should I Invest in Professional Hotel Photography if I’m Planning to Sell My Inn?

Expert hotel lifestyle photographers, Christian Giannelli and Beth Campbell, recently joined us on The Inner Circle for an exclusive interview to help our members understand how the right photos can substantially improve your bottom line. If you are considering listing your inn for sale, you’ll need a collection of photos to appeal to both the new buyer as well as [...]


Sleep Satisfaction, Guest Satisfaction

Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep, but did you know that 70% of adults sleep less than seven hours? According to Rebecca S. Robbins, Harvard PhD, “Sleep organizes new information, leads to creative thinking, solidifies memories, regulates appetite, and keeps the body healthy.”  Westin Hotels conducted a study asking both leisure and business travelers equally to describe what [...]